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Responding to the fast growth of online education in the world, Playable Kids was established in 2017 by a team of individuals with a lot of passion and experience in higher education.

Our vision is "To provide a brighter future for Indonesians kids through quality, affordable, accessible, and sociable online education". We believe online learning is one of the best solutions for solving higher education problems in Indonesia.

Affordability We believe quality education does not always equal expensive education. Using the latest technology, we aim to make quality education affordable for more Indonesians. Accesibility We develop an innovative learning platform that enables our university partners to deliver their digital courseware to students with limited access to the Internet. Socialibility In order to make learning be fun and sociable, we implement various social media tools to facilitate healthy interaction, dialogue, and connections between students.

EDUTAINMENT FOR KIDS. Playable Kids Entertains and Educates Your Children About Science, Child Song Video, Educational Games are safe and entertaining for the Child. No Ads. Bundle of Joy for Kids. Peace of Mind for Parents. Invest in the future of your kid(s) today.

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Being the best company by synergizing in answering challenges.

Good Company

Delivers excellent Service with Apps for every consumer who uses our app.

Good Inovation

Continue to grow in a favorable direction as a brand, and continue to develop the operational system of Playable Kids to a better direction through innovation and technology.

Added Value

Playable always guarantees the quality of educational content of its products, provides outstanding service, offers educational and child entertainment content and other added values. The good development of the Child is an important thing for Playable.


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