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EDUTAINMENT FOR KIDS Playable Kids Entertains and Educates Your Children About Science, Child Song Video, Educational Games are safe and entertaining for the Child. No Ads. Bundle of Joy for Kids. Peace of Mind for ssParents. Invest in the future of your kid(s) today.

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Problem Background

A new poll released by Netmums revealed shocking statistics on internet use by children. The survey of 825 children aged between seven and 16 and 1,127 adults showed that 16.7% of parents allowed children three years old or younger to go online. However, the most alarming statistics show how exposed and vulnerable children are online.

1. 42.1% of kids admit they have seen online porn. One in 16 have been exposed to hardcore pornography.

2. One in 12 have exchanged messages with sexual content to other people, while one in 25 have sent graphic photos of themselves.

3. 25% of children get away with pretending to be older to get an account online.

4. One in 20 children admitted arranging a secret meeting with someone they met online.

5. Almost three in 10 parents (29%) let their kids use the internet without any restrictions or supervision. .


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Being the best company by synergizing in answering challenges.

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Delivers excellent Service with Apps for every consumer who uses our app.

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Continue to grow in a favorable direction as a brand, and continue to develop the operational system of Playable Kids to a better direction through innovation and technology.

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Playable always guarantees the quality of educational content of its products, provides outstanding service, offers educational and child entertainment content and other added values. The good development of the Child is an important thing for Playable.

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